Certification Portal

I don't know my password. How do I login?

Please reset your password here. Key in your e-mail and click “Send Instructions”. You will receive an e-mail that contains a link to reset your password. You may then access the SHRM Certification Portal.

I am locked out of my account. What do I do?

If you have received the message "This account is currently locked, please contact SHRM for assistance." Please contact us for assistance in unlocking your account.

Can I change my password?

Please go to MySHRM and select "Change Password". Follow the prompts to change your password.

I can't login to the SHRM Certification Portal.

Please reset your password. If you cannot do so, please contact support.

I log into shrm.org with a different e-mail address than I do for my SHRM Certification Portal, what do I do?

Please login using your shrm.org information, we have merged our records and you’ll only need one login for both your SHRM membership and certification accounts.

I have never logged into shrm.org. I only login to the SHRM Certification Portal, what do I do?

Please login using the e-mail address and password you use for your SHRM Certification Portal account. You’ll just enter it on a different screen.

How do I use the same e-mail address for both my SHRM Membership and SHRM Certification accounts?

First, login to MySHRM to update your e-mail address. Then login to the SHRM Certification Portal to make sure the e-mail addresses match.

If I access my SHRM membership account and update my mailing address will that also update my address in my certification account?

No, the only information linked between your SHRM membership and SHRM certification accounts are your e-mail address and password. The address you maintain on your certification record will not update your membership address and vice versa.

You may update your login e-mail and password via MySHRM.

You may update the e-mail address that SHRM Certification will correspond with you via the SHRM Certification Portal.

You may set these e-mail addresses to be the same or it is perfectly acceptable to have them be different.

I do not see my country listed when creating my profile. How do I complete my profile setup?

During the profile creation process, if your country is not listed you will have an opportunity to submit it to us for review.