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Employee Satisfaction Surveys, DEI Surveys & Workplace Culture

Access SHRM-created surveys and AI-Driven Data Visualization with your SHRM Survey Elite subscription

Do you love the idea of making decisions for your organization based on data, but don’t have the time or access to dig-deep and present your findings?

Introducing a full-service survey platform that integrates every aspect of surveying from building, distributing, collecting, analyzing and reporting with advanced Data Visualization into one affordable platform.

Surveys and data collection aren’t a ‘nice-to-have’ anymore. They’re a modern-day business necessity.

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With SHRM Survey Elite:

  • Survey-data is converted to dynamic charts and graphs instantly.
  • There is no waiting for everyone to finish your survey before you can start analyzing results.
  • There is no data transfer to another program—just concise actionable results the moment a survey is completed.
  • Survey charts and graphs are automatically built, but with easy-to-use tools to adapt the chart to better meet your presentation objectives.
  • And your information gathering data? It is there too with the same advanced charting tools to make your presentations and reports easy to build and stunningly brilliant.

What’s included?

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Total Survey Customization

A survey platform that can be used organization-wide. Built with SHRM-developed HR surveys, but available for anyone in your organization to use.

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Powerful Analysis

Slice & dice your assessments with industry leading analytic tools like Demographic Filters and Automatic Crosstabs.

Real Time Access

Real-Time Access

Ability to view participation rate, analytics and reporting in real-time. Play with your data as your results come in.

Ask Anything Icon

Ask Anything

Survey Elite supports all question types from Rank Order, Rating, Nested, Demographics, Multiple Choice, Open-Ended, Logic and Branch Filtering.

Validate your findings Icon

Validate Your Findings

Create benchmark data to compare the most important information in your organization over time and run Significant Difference to validate your findings.

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Collaboration Made Easier

Reporting is made easier with SHRM Survey Elite. Create single-report or detailed analysis with commentary to share with your team all without ever having to leave the platform.

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Which Solution is right for you?

SHRM Survey Elite

SHRM Survey Elite, powered by Metolius, offers the SHRM audience a robust survey platform and access to pre-programmed, SHRM-created surveys designed to gain insights about the needs of your workforce. You can use Survey Elite to build your own surveys, use pre-programmed SHRM surveys, access Metolius survey resources, and “share” surveys through a SHRM community. Survey Elite allows for unlimited participants per survey and up to 4000 responses per month before a $0.40 per response fee is levied.

Coming Soon: SHRM Survey as a Service

SHRM can provide professional services that include survey deployment, analysis, and results report delivery using one of our existing surveys. With this service, SHRM will deploy the survey and deliver the results report to the client. This option does not provide access to the Metolius platform; rather, SHRM administers the survey for your organization, analyzes the data, and delivers a results report.