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The greater use of technology, growing demand for flexibility at work, and the widespread need for inclusivity and equity in the workplace dominate the new-age job market. With these trends, businesses need to reform their existing policies and work culture.

The salary and financial and non-financial benefits the company offers its employees in the workplace are referred to as compensation and benefits in human resource management. It is a crucial tool used by human resource managers to maximize people’s potential.

Often, performance management strategies take a hit due to their complexity and hastened execution owing to their urgency. Also, broken alignment, a lack of accountability, and focus across organizational levels contribute heavily to inefficiently implementing a performance management plan.

Strategic thinking is the capacity to think on a macro and micro scale, long and short term, and into the legacy cases with a focus on reshaping the present landscape. Although everyone in a company may benefit from strategic thinking, it gets more and more crucial as you ascend the ladder.

The pandemic placed flexible work arrangements, especially hybrid work, in the spotlight. With all the states in India issuing stay-at-home orders and allowing only essential businesses to keep their physical locations open, unprepared employers were forced to implement flexible work options on the fly.

Sincere recognition is one of the most potent ways to let employees know they are valued and their work matters. Monetary compensation and formal awards are only a few ways to recognize employees.

Performance management is a strategic and methodical approach to effectively managing employee performance, ensuring that individual objectives align with organizational goals and optimizing productivity.