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Checklist: New Hire Orientation

Employee Name: _______________________________________________

Department: ____________________________________________________

Manager Name: _________________________________________________

Hire Date: ______________________________________________________

To be completed within three days of the employee's start date.

Introduction to the Company

☐ Organization overview

☐ Corporate culture

☐ Company mission

☐ Corporate literature/video

☐ Organizational chart


New-Employee Paperwork

☐ W-4 and state tax forms

☐ I-9 form

☐ Employee handbook


Benefits and Compensation

☐ Health, life, disability insurance

☐ Retirement benefits

☐ Dependent care FSA

☐ Educational assistance

☐ Employee assistance program

☐ Pay procedures

☐ Salary increase/performance review process

☐ Incentive/bonus programs

☐ Paid and unpaid leave


Administrative Procedures

☐ Office/desk/workstation

☐ Computer username and password

☐ E-mail

☐ Keys/access card

☐ ID badge

☐ Mail (incoming and outgoing)

☐ Business cards

☐ Purchase requests

☐ Telephones

☐ Conference rooms

☐ Expense reports


Key Policy Review

☐ Anti-harassment/discrimination

☐ Vacation and sick leave

☐ FMLA/leaves of absence

☐ Overtime

☐ Dress code

☐ Personal conduct standards

☐ Progressive discipline

☐ Security

☐ Confidentiality

☐ Safety

☐ Injury reporting

☐ Emergency procedures

☐ E-mail and Internet usage


Introductions and Tours

☐ Department staff and key personnel

☐ Tour of facility, including:

☐ Restrooms

☐ Mailroom

☐ Copy centers, printers, fax machines

☐ Bulletin board

☐ Parking

☐ Office supplies

☐ Break rooms

☐ Coffee/vending machines

☐ Watercoolers

☐ Emergency exits

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: (to be signed upon completion of all orientation items)

Employee: ________________________ Date: __________

Manager: _________________________ Date: __________


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