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Minimizing Workplace Distractions

Multi-tasking, which was once touted as a best practice in our fast-paced economy, has now been found to reduce intelligence and hinder productivity. In one study during which people who were and weren't multi-tasking were given a comprehension test, the ones who were multi-tasking received scores that were 11 percent lower than the scores of those who were not. If you're sitting near a multi-tasker in an office setting, your own comprehension could decrease by 17 percent. Another study found that if you're multi-tasking, you could squander up to 40 percent of your productivity.

The evidence is compelling: Being focused on a task, or in a "deep work" state of mind, is much more efficient—if you can get there. "When you concentrate, you give whatever you're working on your full attention," said Dana Case, director of operations at MyCorporation , a startup-consultation business in California.

"This helps you be more productive overall and avoid making simple mistakes and errors that could otherwise come up if you're distracted. Employees that fully concentrate are able to do their best work, which makes for the best possible employee."

Though focus is important, how does this work in a modern office, where bosses can be demanding, social media is tempting, Slack and e-mail messages are expected to be answered promptly, workers eat lunch at their desks and companies are embracing the open office design?

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