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Preparing for Union Organizing

​If you’re in an HR leadership position, you are not required to be neutral when it comes to union activity. To the contrary, your employer generally has the right to require that you engage in lawful efforts to help the employer resist unionization. This reality is not always understood by HR professionals.

Creating a rapid response team to address union activity can go a long way toward encouraging employees to consider all the facts before deciding whether to sign a union card. But how does a company know when it’s time for a rapid response team to meet, when the team should be assembled, who should be part of the team and what its message should be?
HR’s Role in Forming a Rapid Response to Union Activity
SHRM | Mar 2022

Preparing for the Possibility of Union Organizing
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Responding to Union Organizing
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Take 7 Steps to Minimize Chances of Unionization
Union Communication Guidance: TIPS and FOE
DOL Warns About Underreporting of 'Persuader Activity'
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Complying with U.S. Labor Relations Laws in Non-Union Settings
SHRM Toolkit

NLRB Eyes Ban on "Captive Audience" Meetings
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Law Firm Resources

Podcast: Employer Guidance - Reducing the Risk of a Successful Union Campaign
Husch Blackwell | Sep 2021

Union Organizing in the Manufacturing Industry
Jackson Lewis | Nov 2021

Staying Union Free in the Healthcare Industry – 5 Key Tactics
Buchanan | Jan 2021

Additional Law Firm Resources
Employment Law Information Network: Union Organizing
JD Supra: Union Organizers
Mondaq: Employee Rights and Labor Relations

Know the Signs of Union Activity

Signs of Union Activity
Reliant Labor Consultants

10 Signs of Union Organizing Activity
Projections Inc.

Union Activity On The Rise

Employers Take Note! Labor’s Resurgence Could be Real this Time
Franczek | Apr 2022

Amazon Faces Tough Choices After Victory for Workers
SHRM | Apr 2022

Amazon and Starbucks union votes are small wins — but important ones — for US labor
CNN | Apr 2022

How a bunch of Starbucks baristas built a labor movement
Vox | Apr 2022

Employers Should Take Note of Recent Union Organizing Activities
Jones Walker | Apr 2022

Union Activity is Rising at an Aggressive Rate
Carothers | Apr 2022

How a bunch of Starbucks baristas built a labor movement
Vox | Apr 2022

Related Developments

White House Issues Labor Report

White House Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment Releases its Report
Littler | Feb 2022

NLRB's General Counsel Announces Support for White House Labor Report
Faegre | Feb 2022

                   Read the White House Task Force's full report.

President Biden Issues Executive Order on Project Labor Agreements

Biden Executive Order Requires Project Labor Agreements on "Large-Scale Construction Projects"
Husch Blackwell | Feb 2022

Project Labor Agreements are Now Required for Large Federal Construction Projects
Larkin Hoffman | Feb 2022

                   Read the Presidential Executive Order 14063.

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