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Checklist: Emergency Telecommuting Preparation

Determine under which circumstances telecommuting will be permitted.

    ☐ Employee requests to work from home.

    ☐ As a reasonable accommodation due to an employee's disability.

    ☐ Required by the employer.

    ☐ Due to inclement weather.

    ☐ For employees showing signs of illness.

    ☐ For employees returning from travel to an area with a communicable disease outbreak.

Identify which positions are/are not conducive to working from home.

    ☐ Positions that can be regularly performed remotely.

    ☐ Positions that include some job duties that can be performed remotely.

    ☐ Positions that do not allow for remote work.

Identify the equipment necessary for employees to work from home.

    ☐ Determine if employees will be permitted to use personal devices/home computers for business purposes.

    ☐ Determine if additional hardware must be purchased and identify the budget and timeline necessary for these items.

Identify the software needed for employees to work from home.

    ☐ Coordinate with the IT department to install software as required.

    ☐ Designate a point of contact within the IT department to troubleshoot and assist teleworkers.

Develop and implement a telecommuting policy.

    ☐ Address timekeeping procedures for nonexempt employees if these will differ for teleworkers and address expectations for preapproved overtime work.

    ☐ Develop an information security policy for remote workers. See 13 Ways to Reduce Cyberattack Vulnerability.

    ☐ Determine what level(s) of access will be permitted to the organization's networks and how access will occur. See Guide to Enterprise Telework, Remote Access, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Security (NIST).

    ☐ Determine if a virtual private network (VPN), remote desktop or portal exists and if not, determine if this technology is necessary for secure remote access to the organization's network.
    ☐ Communicate the telecommuting policy and procedures to employees.

Develop a telecommuting agreement to be completed by the employee and his or her supervisor.

    ☐ Determine the training needs of supervisors and employees.

    ☐ Conduct a practice run if circumstances allow.

    ☐ Offer a test day for employees requesting to work from home.

    ☐ Conduct a surprise mandatory telework day for all positions identified for telework.


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