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California Resources

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Latest California Updates

Frontloading California’s new paid sick leave amount for employees may be easier and less time-consuming than using the accrual method. But which 12-month period should employers use if frontloading—the calendar year or anniversary year? Here are factors to consider.

California has published a template for employers to use to provide notice to employees about paid leave and disaster declarations.

Trial courts in California can no longer discard lawsuits brought under the state’s Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) over concerns that they would be unmanageable to try in court. On Jan. 18, the California Supreme Court ruled in Estrada v. Royal Carpet Mills that trial courts cannot dismiss a PAGA claim on the grounds of manageability.

Employers in California have until July 1, 2024, to prepare and train employees on workplace violence prevention plans. Given all that must be done, that date is closer than it sounds.

California employers must post their annual summary of work-related injuries and illnesses, in a visible and easily accessible area at every worksite from Feb. 1 through April 30.

The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board approved heat illness prevention standards for indoor workers. However, state finance officials have objected to the rules due to their costs, so the implementation of the rules is in limbo.