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SHRM headquarters accepts speaking proposals for the events listed below. To submit a proposal, the event name must have an active hyperlink. If there is no active hyperlink, the recruiting process is currently closed.

There must be a speaker profile prior to submitting a proposal. To create one, click on the name of the event (during the recruiting period). Login credentials will be emailed upon completion of the profile. If you are submitting on behalf of someone else, submit the proposal(s) using their speaker profile, not yours. Do not create more than one speaker profile with the same name. It will cause problems logging in if you do.  Solo presenters are preferred. If you have more than one presenter, a co-presenter may be submitted during the proposal process.

PRO TIP: SHRM strongly suggests submitting your proposal in advance of the deadline to avoid any technical issues and to familiarize yourself with the requirements. It is best not to wait until the last day to get started. Proposals must be finalized before 5:00 p.m. ET on the deadline date.

Timelines to submit proposals are the same each year and are not extended.

Event NameMonth HeldAccepts Proposals for 2019 EventsAccepts Proposals for 2020 EventsDecisions Sent By
Employment Law & Legislative Conference March
March through July 15, 2019,
5:00 p.m. ET
December 15
Talent Conference & ExpositionApril
March through July 15, 2019,
5:00 p.m. ET
December 15
Annual Conference & ExpositionJuneCLOSEDOPEN
March through July 15, 2019,
5:00 p.m. ET
December 15
Leadership Development ForumSeptember/OctoberCLOSED
October 2019 through February 15, 2020
April 30
Diversity & Inclusion Conference & ExpositionOctober
October 2019 through February 15, 2020
April 30
​SHRM Council for Global Immigration Symposium
​July 31

Before you submit a proposal for an event in the above table, we encourage you to review the information below. 

Additional proposal questions regarding conferences in the table? Email


When developing the event, SHRM's goal is to provide a balanced program that meets the variety of skill levels and interests of the audience. The topics are based on The SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge (SHRM BoCK™), which describes the behavioral competencies and HR knowledge HR professionals need for effective job performance. 

A separate proposal must be submitted for each session type. You may submit the same topic for each session type, however, SHRM expects the descriptions and learning objectives to be written specific to the session type. In order to be considered for a Smart Stage session, you must submit for a concurrent session as well. Speakers will not be selected for a Smart Stage session only.Session types include:

  • Mega Sessions and Concurrent Sessions: These sessions are the educational backbone of the conference and vary from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the conference.
  • Preconference Workshops: These four-hour workshops are held before the conference and allow for in-depth discussion and learning on new approaches, best practices, and provide practical takeaways and learnings for our attendees.
  • Smart Stage Sessions:  These 18-minute sessions cover a wide variety of topics from tips to connecting with others at the conference and making the most of your conference experience to onboarding, recruiting strategies and leadership, etc. but the content should be concise given the short duration of these sessions. 

For select events, you will see questions under the "Additional Information" tab asking if the submission is for a Preconference Workshop, and a separate question asking if the proposal is for the Smart Stage. If the proposal is for a concurrent session, both questions must be answered "no." Conferences that do not take proposals for Preconference Workshops and/or Smart Stage Sessions will not have the question under the "Additional Information" tab. Proposals for those conferences will be considered for Concurrent Sessions.

SHRM has a tradition of using educational sessions as a platform for innovation in the field of human resource management. We look for contributors who are willing to share their expertise without expectation of payment in the spirit of networking, a purpose for which the Society was founded.

The ONLY accepted forms of proof of performance are:

  • Video recordings of the proposed speaker presenting a session to an audience (preferred).

  • A summary of evaluations from a program the speaker previously presented. Please do not send stacks of individual evaluations completed by the attendees. The programming committee needs to see the overall score of your session (average score from all who rated the speaker, not individual impressions).

Proof of performance files can be uploaded to your proposal under the section called “Supporting Files”. It is recommended you begin securing the approved proof of performance now so you are able to submit a complete proposal by the deadline.

  • To acknowledge availability to speak during any timeframe of the event and as such will not request a change to the session time frame assigned, if selected.
  • To work closely with event organizers and meet all deadlines.
  • To make no substantial changes to content, format, audio/visual needs, room set-up, identity or number of presenters without prior approval of conference organizers.
  • To design and provide high-quality PowerPoint presentations, in electronic format, by the deadline given.
  • To recognize that a session is an opportunity to share information and is not a showcase for promotion of business, practice, service or product. 
  • To give SHRM permission to audio and/or video record their session and to sync their onsite slide presentation with the recording for the purpose of selling, licensing to SHRM affiliates, or otherwise using the recording at a later time in any SHRM products, or those of its affiliates, in any media. Agree that SHRM shall be the exclusive owner of the synchronized recording, but that they will otherwise retain ownership of their onsite slide presentation. On the speaker's request, SHRM will provide a downloadable copy of the recording. SHRM will grant permission to edit the recording and to post the recording on the speaker's professional website (not another individual's or organization's) for the speaker's own promotional and professional purposes. (Speakers selected to speak at the event who do not agree to this will have the option of saying "no" on their Statement of Acceptance.)
  • To develop six (6) questions based on the key learning objectives of the presentation, with the corresponding correct answer and answer stems. A member of SHRM's Educational Products team will contact accepted speakers to provide the templates and guidance regarding this requirement.
  • To respect SHRM as the sponsoring organization with either positive or neutral comments from the platform.
  • To be available for press interviews, if requested. Members of the press may be attending your session.

In return, SHRM will:

  • Provide speakers (including co-presenters) with a complimentary registration, including admission to General Sessions, the SHRM Exposition, concurrent sessions and social events. Preconference Offerings are the exceptions. 
  • Reimburse eligible speakers for the following expenses: Round-trip economy class airfare; ground transportation to and from the airport; reservation for the night prior to the speaker's presentation and the night of the presentation at a pre-determined conference hotel; actual cost of speaker's meals (on travel days and day of presentation only), not to exceed the following dollar amounts: Breakfast, with gratuity = $10.00; Lunch, with gratuity = $15.00; Dinner, with gratuity = $50.00. If a meal is provided at the conference, no reimbursement will be given for any other meal in its place. Itemized receipts are required. Please note that SHRM does not reimburse expenses for co-presenters.
  • Grant you valuable professional exposure.
  • Provide an evaluation report after the conference.


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