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Price with Confidence

SHRM partners with to offer compensation solutions through the SHRM Compensation Data Center. 

Get empowered with trusted HR-reported data, intuitive software, and insights you need to make smart decisions and get pay right.

Free CompAnalyst® Market Data Benchmark Job Report

SHRM Members get one FREE benchmark job report - a $220 value. Search from 15,000 job titles. Get even more specific to your industry, geography, and size by choosing from 225 industries, 187 cities/zips, and any company size. Job Report can be downloaded in PDF and Excel.

Save on Additional Benchmark Job Reports

SHRM Members save 10% on additional single job reports. Each report is just $220 and includes the option to add additional scopes for just $49 each. (Nonmembers can also buy individual reports for $245 each.)

Transform Compensation & Get Pay Right

Empower your team with integrated compensation data and technology solutions from


Save 10% on CompAnalyst® Market Data

Need more than a few reports? Get unlimited access to CompAnalyst Market Data - the largest and most reliable HR-reported source of up-to-date salary data across the United States. Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets, stale data, and tedious work. CompAnalyst Market Data makes setting salaries for your jobs fast, simple, and accurate.

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Save 10% on JobArchitect™

The right job description is critical to hiring the right people for your company. Plus, most company's job descriptions are a hot mess. Save 10% on JobArchitect and simplify the process of creating job descriptions to hire right and retain your best talent.

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Make Fair Pay a Reality

Our CompAnalyst® Pay Equity Suite is a complete, end-to-end solution so you can analyze, address and monitor pay equity across your organization.

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Engage Compensation Experts

Get direct access to a team of compensation experts that are easy to work with and committed to providing insights and recommendations that help you succeed.

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Surveys & Data Sets

Get current, reliable US compensation data for your specific industry, size, and labor market. Our 100% HR-reported US industry surveys offer the best value and deep participation discounts with a simple, flexible participation process.