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Unpaid Personal Leave of Absence Policy




An unpaid personal leave of absence may be granted upon request to regular full- and part-time employees for important pressing personal needs, at the discretion of the department manager.


  • Individuals employed by [Company Name] for a minimum of 90 days are eligible to apply for an unpaid personal leave of absence.
  • Unpaid personal leave may only be requested after all other appropriate leave balances have been exhausted.
  • [Company Name] will attempt to hold an employee's position open for the period of unpaid personal leave, if such leave is [enter number] weeks or less. If leave is greater than [enter number] weeks, the employee, if qualified, will be entitled to the first reemployment opportunity available over the next 60 days.
  • Employee health benefits will be continued in the same manner as received prior to the leave, if the leave is for [enter number] weeks or less, and the employee will be expected to remit payment for the employee's portion of the health insurance premium prior to departing for unpaid personal leave, and in an amount equivalent to the expected period of absence. If an employee requests leave which will extend beyond the [enter number] week period, the employee will be advised of COBRA continuation rights.
  • Unpaid personal leaves are limited to one per year.
  • Accepting employment elsewhere is not a qualified reason for unpaid leave under this policy and may result in termination of employment at [Company Name]. 

Procedure for applying for unpaid personal leave

Requests for unpaid personal leave must be made in writing to the employee's department manager with a copy to the human resources director and should indicate the reason and the length of leave requested.

The department manager shall review and act upon a request for unpaid personal leave in consideration of the following factors:

  • The purpose for which the leave is requested.
  • The length of time the employee will be away.
  • The effect the leave will have on the ability of the department to carry out its responsibilities.
  • The quality of the employee's performance prior to the submission of the request.

All unpaid personal leaves must be approved by the department manager and concurred with by the human resources director.

Procedure for returning from unpaid personal leave

An employee who has been granted an unpaid personal leave of absence shall give the department manager reasonable notification of the intent to return to work at least two weeks prior to the return date.

Upon receiving notification of the employee's availability, the supervisor or department head will arrange to have the employee reinstated to the employee's previous position, if available.

If the previous position is no longer available, the employee may be considered for other open positions which the employee is qualified for as they become available.

If no position exists, the employee will remain on unpaid leave status until a suitable opening develops. If such an opening does not occur within a 60-day period, any obligation to reinstate the employee is discontinued and the employee's leave status is changed to a voluntary termination. Future reemployment would be as a rehire with only legally required reinstatement of applicable benefits.




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