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Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is how things get done in your workplace. Comprised of unwritten rules and values that employees follow to do their jobs, HR’s challenge is to ensure that the climate is not dysfunctional, and ultimately, a liability. Leverage our resource hub page to learn how to support or improve the culture in your workplace.

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Discover how an organization's culture defines the proper way to behave within the organization and sets the context for everything an enterprise does.

A values-based organization (VBO) is a living, breathing culture of shared core values among all employees.

A positive employer brand communicates that the organization is a good employer and a great place to work.

An organization's culture defines the proper way to behave within the organization and sets the context for everything the enterprise does. Test your understanding of organizational culture by taking this quiz.

This toolkit reviews the basics of effective organizational communication, the importance of a communication strategy, the role of different communicators within the organization, types of messages and vehicles, training for better communication,

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Workplace culture remains vital for organizational success. Regardless of the country where they live, employees who rate their workplace culture highly are more satisfied at work and more committed to their organization, according to a new SHRM report: “The State of Global Workplace Culture in 2023.”

For better employee mental health, employers may want to focus on culture rather than self-care. In a recent survey, 58 percent of surveyed workers rated a healthy, sustainable work culture as

​The hybrid work schedule, created out of necessity during the pandemic, has become a critical attraction and retention tool for many organizations feeling the labor crunch. To make a hybrid schedule work, the company has to evolve its culture.

Many businesses strive to foster a strong company culture, but a recent survey showed that some employers are out of touch with what employees want from them. Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts play a role in this disconnect.

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Be a Culture Influencer

Build bridges and close gaps to not only increase retention rates, but also strengthen leadership, build trust and attract more superstars.