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The SHRM Employee Benefits Survey is one of the longest-running annual research reports covering trends in employee benefits among organizations in the United States. Each year, SHRM launches the survey to HR professionals across the country to assess trends in the prevalence of specific employer-offered benefits across multiple categories.

This year’s Employee Benefits Survey regained a semblance of normalcy following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on 2020’s data collection. Specifically, the survey returned to the traditional timing of benefits data collection from HR professionals to occur both during and shortly after many companies’ open enrollment periods. Further, the survey also reintroduced many specific benefits across multiple categories that were temporarily removed amid the increased focus on “core” benefits during the height of the pandemic. Given the adaptations businesses have made since the pandemic began, returning to the regular data collection period and reintroducing specific benefits serves to provide organizations with a more timely and complete picture of where they stand.

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To help you compare your organization’s benefits against those surveyed, we have built an online, interactive benchmarking tool. Now, the power is in your hands to filter results according to your organization’s industry, size, and location. A mid-size healthcare company? Results are available specifically for an organization like yours. A construction company in Texas? Yep, results are available for that too.*

This tool not only equips you to see the overall results of the Employee Benefits Survey but also allows you to call upon custom-filtered results any time you need them. Results can also be exported for later reference.

We’re excited to share these results and equip you with resources to help you build better workplaces. Select any of the benefits categories on the navigation bar to get started.

*For confidentiality purposes, a minimum of five responses is required to show filtered results. For filters resulting in 5-19 responses, results will display an asterisk to denote a low response count.

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